Halfway through the 70’s: what do you think of it so far?

As I’ve often mentioned, I have always written, but never had much success… except for a brief spurt in the 1970’s which might have led to more but sadly didn’t. I entered a short story competition, and to my amazement I won!! I was so thrilled and the magazine which had run the competition, ‘Honey’ went on to publish several more of my stories. I was in Manchester at the time, Honey was in London, and there was no internet, everything had to be done by letter and telephone; I had a couple of phone calls to the editor who I remember was called David Robson… and I think I actually went down to London to the offices and met him… Maybe I wasn’t interesting enough, or ‘trendy’ enough… maybe, but whatever, they moved offices and I lost touch… and so my life went on without fame or fortune…

My featured image is from an illustration of one of my stories, The Scatophaga… which I’ve written about here before… and I was showing it to someone and then I had a good look at the cover:

img011…and looking at the list of contents, I was struck by how apart from the give away ‘seventies’ mention, it could have been the contents of a current magazine! However, looking through it, I am struck by how small the font is, how dense the articles are, how well-written they are. Some of the fashions my fashion-conscious daughter would shriek with laughter at… but some not; in a feature on ‘winter warmers’ one of the models is wearing a wrap almost identical to one my daughter has, and some boots which are similar to some I tried on in a posh shop in Bath last week! The very fact that they published my story, The Scatophaga, about a creepy cleaner at an airport – a very strange story for a young woman’s magazine, seems to show they had a high expectation from their readership.

I might share some of the fashion photos at some point… so those who know about such things can judge whether ‘plus ça change, c’est la même chose’!

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