Three months of casting off…

I have persevered with trying to get rid of things I no longer use, want, need, like, remember why I still have it. Three months into the year, a quarter of the way through and I’m just about managing it! If I listed every book, every CD, every DVD I would be way past a year’s worth now, but I’m getting rid of those in chunks…

We’re not at the end of March yet, but here is an update:

  1. biscuit cutters – why did I think I needed three sets?
  2. gingerbread men cutters – I only need one big and one small, I can only use one at once… which reminds me of a story of my dear Aunty Beryl, who was making brandy snaps when she was first married; when the snaps come out of the oven they are soft, and by rolling them round the handle of a wooden spoon they form a hollow cylinder in a couple of seconds as they cool… Aunty Beryl was making two dozen brandy snaps and went round all the neighbours borrowing wooden spoons because she only had one of her own…
  3. old tea-towels… they really have seen better days and some even have holes in!
  4. old oven gloves, ditto with tea towels
  5. place mats… we no longer use them
  6. elderly aprons – I love aprons but I have lots of jolly ones, why do I need old boring ones?
  7. floor cloths… actually these are just old rags… I know in the past people used old clothes right up to when there was barely any fabric left by turning them into dish cloths and floor cloths… but there are only so many that you need
  8. more books
  9. a pair of old sandals … I haven’t actually thrown them away, but I have demoted them to being the shoes I put on to go into the garden, hanging out washing for example
  10. plastic boxes… we save plastic containers to use for freezing things, but there really is only so much we can freeze… so into the recycling with them!

So… nearly at the end of March, and I’m doing quite well! I have more on my list, but I’ll share that at the end of the month.

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