A little more clearing the decks…

Since January I have been trying to get rid of things… we have so much stuff, an accumulation of things from our parents, of our separate lives before we married, of all the stuff associated with having a family, of neglected hobbies… Since January I have been trying to get rid of at least one thing a day, and a few days ago I listed ten things I got rid of earlier this month… and here are the next ten…

  1. Old birthday cards
  2. Old recipe cards – the sort you pick up in supermarkets
  3. Old poetry books… someone else may appreciate them more than I do
  4. Coloured pencils and crayons… I’m not going to be doing any colouring
  5. Duplicate photos in folders on the computer… they must be taking up space – also it’s a bit confusing to keep finding repeats!
  6. Coathangers… I only have so many clothes, and some of the coathangers are thin and snappable
  7. Ornaments… I’ve put so many away because there is nowhere to display them, or I don’t want to display them, or I don’t actually like them or I’m keeping them for a long-forgotten sentimental purpose
  8. Old board games… I used to play games when I was a child, but now we are not really a board game playing family
  9. I do voluntary teaching and prepare material for my students – I have a lot of extra copies and some of them can go – they weren’t very successful, so why am I hanging on to them? They can go in the paper recycling
  10. Old cables and earphones – every time I’ve bought a new phone I have a new set of earphones which I never use… they can all go, and all the cables which we no longer use

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