In the Victory Hall

Our house is at an end of a cul-de-sac, and between us and our neighbours is a little lane or alley which cuts through the main street through our village. Adjacent to this, and in full view from my window, here where I work, is the village hall, called the Victory Hall. I guess it must be about seventy years old, judging by its name.

It’s very well used during the day and during the evening; all sorts of classes, pilates, judo, karate, old-time dancing, Scottish country dancing, art, Gaelic… yes, I go there once a month for my Gaelic class. Once a month there is a village market, and anyone can hire it for a function or a class or activity. It is a great facility for the village.

Not only can I see the village hall, I can also hear it; last night it was karate and I could hear the kids and their teacher shouting ‘Hai!’ or whatever it is you shout when you do karate. Tonight it is old-time dancing; the curtains of the hall are closed so I can’t see them but I can hear them with their waltzes and foxtrots and military two-steps. There is a compère, and he sometimes plays a keyboard, but mostly he plays CDs. Mostly he plays old style music, going back to the forties, but occasionally he surprises me by what he chooses.

This is what I heard just now, a favourite song by a favourite band, and it was the actual recording (I would know that voice anywhere!)


By the way… my profile picture has nothing at all to do with the village hall!

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