Post industrial…

How different this must have been a hundred and some years ago… this area along the banks of the River Brue was one of several sites where  clay was dug; at first it was the power of men’s muscles as they dug with spades down into the valuable clay but later machines took over. The clay was made into bricks, tiles, pipes and other ceramic objects, and four kilns stood here, belching smoke and fumes up into the Somerset air.

Come the railways, and along comes an opportunity to export out of the local area and across the country; the railway at one point ran along the sea front and coastline and a branch line came right into the brickworks.

All this came to an end in 1966, and now tranquilly reigns, the only racket from the seagulls which fall out with each other on the ponds, and the swans defending their young. And the rubble from the brickworks and kilns which had made the bricks? beneath the car park for visitors.





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