Here we go…

It’s really difficult explaining how I write my stories; I don’t have a plan, I don’t map them out, I don’t make lists of characters and places with descriptions on a set of file cards, I don’t do a story board or a spidergram, I don’t use rolls of wallpaper with coloured ribbons pinned across them, I don’t write an outline and work out the chapters and the sequences…

Ideas come, maybe a situation I’m in, or a sequence of events I observe, or a ‘what if’ occurs and I begin to play around with a story in my head and then at some point I plunge in and start writing. Maybe I plunge in too soon, and I put what I’ve written away and come back to it later.

An example of this is a dream I had, but I only remember a fragment of it, of a woman waking up in bed with a man she only met the previous night; he’s still asleep but he’s smiling. I mulled and pondered and fidgeted about with it and it began to develop into the story of a woman who’s been divorced a couple of years or so, with a daughter in her twenties and a son just starting at university. She’s had no boyfriends since her divorce until one evening, unexpectedly she suddenly finds herself with a man she barely knows… I wrote about thirty thousand words of it… the woman is a private tutor, her ex-husband is getting re-married, her daughter is a pain, there’s intrigue and mystery in her book club – among the members,not in the books they read! However… I ground to a halt with it, and it is tucked away and will be finished, maybe next year! I even have a title for it, ‘Dancing in the Road’.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching a series on TV and one of the people in it has a most interesting face; I don’t know anything about him, but his face intrigues me, he is so expressive… and I just know that sooner or later he is going to be in one of my stories. I don’t know whether he will be a ‘goodie’ or a ‘baddie’, a hero or a villain… I’m thinking he’ll be a more complex character than he appears at first sight… you see I am imagining already! He will be a happy man… at the beginning at least, and will seem laid back and easy-going… but maybe that will change as the story progresses! Story? What story? I don’t have a story! I just have a face!

That is how my writing starts, in such a small way with just something or someone who catches my imagination… I still haven’t written the story about the two people in a pub, or was it a restaurant, or a café or an ice-cream parlour. They look like a father and daughter, but it’s only when the woman turns round it’s apparent she is a similar age but just very tiny, so she could be his wife, or his girlfriend, or his secret lover, or his blackmailer…

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  1. Lisa V

    I write the same way. I tried the whole outline thing, but it was to restrictive. My “outlines” (if you can even call them that) happen as I write and as I get more ideas that take my story in different directions. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. Best wishes.

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