Are endings the most difficult part of a story or novel to write? Even if I’ve had the perfect ending in terms of the narrative ready in my head, the actual words to finish the whole thing, the last things apart from a full stop that a reader will read… they are such an anxiety inducing thing to produce.

I’ve finished my next novel, ‘Lucky Portbraddon’ for the most part; there are few checks I have to make, maybe a few more words pruned away, a couple of scenes need to be rewritten in a minor way, I have to decide on a cover… So the ending. The story covers the events in the lives of the Portbraddon family; and for most of the time the dramas are all about family issues, but running through the story is a plot about a foreign holiday property scam which comes to a dramatic and violent conclusion. The story, however ends a chapter or so later, when the loose ends have been tied up and explained, and the family go back to their grandmother’s house up on the moors for Christmas, where a year ago the story began.

So how to write the last few words – with people arriving at the old house? There is one plot-line, the tangled relationship of three people with each other – I know in my head how it resolves, should I share that with my readers or would thy find it too neat, too contrived… or would they want to know?

I’m dithering… I don’t want the long novel to just tail away with a whimper, nor do I want it to end with an unrealistic bang! I want the reader to get to the last full stop and feel satisfied… hmmm… tricky… needs some puzzling!

if you want to see how my other novels ended, here is a link:



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