The house is waiting…

Last week, walking round Bristol docks there was an area along the wharf which was fenced off so we had to do a bit of a detour; we went round the back of a ship’s chandler’s, past a dry dock and then down a narrow alley. There was a building on one side and on the other was a hoarding fencing off another large building,possibly an old warehouse.

It was completely hidden, but looking up the top couple of floors were visible, partly boarded up and partly engulfed in ivy and other plants. The windows were also boarded up, apart from one. Some of the panes were broken, but it looked as if there was a mound of rubbish inside.DSCN2527

The end of the building was totally overwhelmed by dense foliage, completely hidden… it must seem so creepy and spooky inside.


There was buddleia in full bloom among the other plants, they must have been growing there for quite some time. Maybe this building is going to be redeveloped, maybe it will either become bijou residences or businesses… or maybe someone is just hanging onto it until it is in such a parlous state that it has to be pulled down and the site more profitably developed.

Whatever happens to this building in real life, I know that it is going to appear in one of my novels at some point; I haven’t the least idea what the novel will be about and maybe it won’t be written for a couple of years… But this house is now waiting… in my imagination!

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