Trying to cover it

I am so nearly there with my next novel to be published, Lucky Portbraddon… so nearly there! I have been on quite a journey with it I can tell you, these characters, the Portbraddon cousins, their wives, ex-wives, lovers and children, have been with me since about 2006, and the nebulous thoughts about them have been with me even longer.

I was thinking about it today as to what I have done for and with this book – it certainly is not only the longest book, but the book that I have had to toil over most.

  • 2006 – started actually writing the story – I was still working, had both children at home, was a more assiduous housework doer
  • 2011 – finished it
  • 2015 began to think I should get it off my computer and into the world; I had written four Radwinter novels, and had also published another novel which had been with me for even longer than the Portbraddons, The Double Act, which I started writing in the last century!
  • 2016 – resolve to get Lucky Portbraddon out there – I reckoned (foolishly) that it would be published between Easter and early summer
  • cut 100,000 words (yes, one hundred thousand whole words)
  • rewrote sections
  • added new chapters which I had written separately to just finish the back story of one of the characters – then found the back story needed to be in there. This took an enormous amount of juggling, and moving things, and checking continuity
  • sorted out the parts and chapters – some were about seven times longer than others, so I wanted them to have a little more consistency
  • checked through a gazillion times for repeated words, for example, just, hug, embrace, weep, flash, about, into, jaunty… and so many more
  • downloaded it onto my own Kindle and read it, correcting typos and other errors as I went
  • downloaded it again and reread it, ditto above
  • began to think about the cover
  • thought some more about the cover
  • continued to puzzle over the cover
  • wrote out the dedication, copywrite, introduction, end-piece, links etc
  • checked layout in terms of page breaks and chapter breaks – for consistency
  • now I am just about to download it to my Kindle again and reread it for the final time


I’m getting things together for the cover…

If you haven’t yet read my Radwinter stories, The Double Act, and my other books, Farholm, Loving Judah, The Stalking of Rosa Czekov, Flipside, then here is the link you need:


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