Two days and the weekend

Monday 12th September… Monday is now generally regarded as the first day of the week, although for people whose faiths observe Saturday as the special religious day, the week begins on Sunday, relegating Monday to second place. However, with the almost universal concept of ‘the weekend’, Monday really is for most of us, day one of the week. The word comes from Moonday, which was from the old English, and the name is similar to that in other languages –  mōnadeig, mānendag, mānendach, Maandag, mānetag,  Montag,  mánadagr,  måndag, mánudagur, mandag… And September, the month’s name comes from Latin meaning the seventh month, which it was in the Roman calendar…

So why I am thinking about Monday, 12th September… because I have four more days until then, four more days to check, polish, think about, edit if necessary, fiddle about with, panic over, my next novel, Lucky Portbraddon.

What have I completed which I can’t now change (because I could go on fiddling about with it forever!)

  • the sequence of events in the novel
  • the cover – it’s as near to what I want as is possible, and I have spent enough time with my limited resources on it already
  • the parts and chapters – as above, I’ve spent so long rearranging, changing etc that my head’s in a spin, and I have to accept that probably no-one reading it will think, ‘oh this scene should be in the next chapter, and this chapter’s too long/short
  • the ending, as above

So what can I still achieve in my last four days?

  • check spelling, grammar, punctuation again and again, as many times as I can before Sunday when I have to upload it
  • check name consistency such as Allie/Ally/alley, Brandon/Branden/Brendon/Brenden, Belle/Bella, and that I haven’t muddled up the characters of the two brothers Sam and Adam
  • check continuity  and explain why certain things happen, for example – when does Alex’s car go into the garage and when does he get it back, is the nightclub called Needles in Strand or in Easthope?
  • download the story again onto my personal Kindle and look through for the appearance of the whole thing, and make sure chapters are numbered correctly
  • make sure I have the correct keywords to lead people in if they are searching for something new to read; the key-words I have at present are : ‘family, foreign-holiday scam, betrayal, stalker, love, music, bereavement

Oh, and write my blurb! There needs to be an introduction on Amazon so when people look at the book they have some inkling what it’s about! I notice some people have quite long blurbs, whereas in the past I have tried to keep mine short and pithy; I don’t mean I want to make mine long and verbose, but I want to give people an idea that although it is about a family, it is more than just a family saga – there’s action too, stalkers (plural) dodgy holiday home scams, guns, punch-ups… yes, plenty of action!

So, to work… and today it is going through the text again and running another spell-check…

On Monday an extra book will appear on my Amazon page, Lucky Portbraddon… in the meantime, here is a link to what I have written so far:


    1. Lois

      Go to Amazon – it’s so easy to do it and it’s free! I know it is then an e-reader – but there are other ways you could do it and get actual copies, the publishing on demand sites such as Lulu!


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