Pre-launch reread through

Having decided that my next e-book, Lucky Portbraddon will come out on Monday, 12th September, and having been through it goodness knows how many times, I suddenly had a crisis of confidence as I realised I’ve not done what I always do with my books before sending them out into the big wide world, I haven’t read it aloud to myself!

One of the great things about self-publishing through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon) is that it really is all your own work; one of the disadvantages is that you don’t have any editor other than yourself, and if you’ve written the work, it is really difficult to be objective enough to spot any mistakes. However wonderful spell-check is, it only does so much… and quite often the so much isn’t the right ‘so much’…

I am lucky that I have a dear husband who reads my stories for me; he is great at spotting spelling, punctuation,grammar mistakes, and missing words, and continuity glitches or not fully explained things. However, some things which need changing are perfectly correct in every way, except maybe it’s the wrong choice of word, or too much or not enough emphasis, or it becomes apparent that a name isn’t quite right, or a description doesn’t actually suit the character… only the writer can see these things.

But how to see them? How to find them? The words are so familiar, that it is really difficult to stand back sufficiently. I have several things I usually do. I read the whole text from the computer screen; I download it onto my own Kindle and read it there; I read it backwards, last chapter, penultimate chapter, antepenultimate (last but two) chapter, preantepenultimate (last but three) chapter, propreantepenultimate chapter, and so on… (I’ve learnt some new words!)

The best thing of all is to read it aloud to myself; not mumbling away under my breath, but actually reading it as if I have an audience there listening to me. This of all methods is the best, and I’m sure, picks up most mistakes – even tiny ones like missing commas, missed capitals or capitals in the wrong place, a need for italics…

Why haven’t I read Lucky Portbraddon out loud? Because it is so long – this is no excuse! …I wondered whether I should… then I decided I wouldn’t… I  thought again that maybe I ought to… and then felt I’d checked it enough – read it through twice on the screen and three times on my Kindle…

But now, sixty hours before it leaves me, I have realised that I must, I actually must, read it aloud… even if I have to stay up all night, I actually have to read it aloud. So over the last couple of hours, I’ve started… and I was justified in this decision because I have already spotted some micro-errors; some wrong words which no-one else would realise, some punctuation mistakes which I know eagle-eyed readers will see… except now they won’t because I’ve changed them!

Here is a link to my other novels, if you haven’t read them yet you can find them here:



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