The Ship… farewell!

On Thursday, the Uphill grapevine was buzzing, if grapevines buzz. The Ship, the great and oldest pub in our village was closing! The news came via social media, and who could believe it? The popular pub in our village closing? What? Surely some mistake? No! It was true! The news came out on Thursday that the quiz that night would be the last, and the pub would close on Friday, 9th September.

Our regular pub is the Dolphin, but we often go in the Ship, a great pub, great beer, great food, well run…. What a disaster!! We were shocked. We don’t regularly go to the Ship on a Thursday, but we went… to support James, the fabulous quiz maestro, and to pay our respects to a great pub.

When my family first moved to Weston-super-Mare in 1967, the first pub my sister and I went in was the Ship. It was very different them, divided into small bars; some friends who were visiting from our home town of Cambridge had come to stay and we went to the Ship, even though, erp-hum, my sister and I were under age. The landlord was a bit suspicious and challenged her – she was only fourteen.. “I’m twenty-three,” she said brazenly, and he apologised, and we and our four friends and us two sisters remained there for the evening, quietly enjoying ourselves!

Here are some posts I’ve shared before about the Ship:

We are so lucky in our village that we have two really wonderful pubs, selling great beer, well-kept, and with lovely landlords and ladies and great staff. We usually go in the Dolphin, that’s out ‘local’ although the Ship is only a couple of hundred yards further on.

The Ship is the older of the two pubs, and although we go there less frequently we always enjoy ourselves when we do, whether it is for a meal, home-cooked, or a beer, well-kept, or the quiz as we did last night.

. The quiz at the Ship is different from the Dolphin quiz; six rounds including a music round and ‘Wayner’s’ round, with off-beat questions from the landlord, Wayne. We went along last night and had as usual a great time, and great beer! We drank a few pints of Blue Stone beer,  a Welsh beer which was excellent… mind you, Wayne really knows how to keep good beer, you never get a bad pint!

Sadly, Bari and I did not do very well in the quiz… in fact we came last! However, as a booby prize we got a big bag of crisps which we enjoyed with the last slurps of our beer!

As I mentioned previously we are so lucky to have two fine pubs in our village. I was out for a winter’s stroll and the Ship was bathed in sunlight, and for once there were no cars parked outside so I could get a good view of it.

A fine pub, fine food, fine beer, and a warm welcome!
There is a pool room downstairs, and out the back there is a skittle alley – for the old-fashioned but fun game of skittles!


What a very nice pub the Ship is. We are so lucky to have two really good pubs in out village, they both are well-kept by excellent landlords and landladies, they both keep their beer well, they both serve really decent food, they both have a lovely welcoming atmosphere to any visitors or newcomers…

We went to the quiz at the Ship, which is very different from the one we usually go to at the Dolphin. The Ship has six rounds including a picture round, and one set by the landlord, Wayne, and it also has a picture round. There must have been about a dozen teams, and we came about sixth at the end, having really enjoyed ourselves, had a lot, a lot of laughs, and drunk some fine beer.

The beer was Bluestone, a Welsh beer; I was delighted to drink it for two reasons. One because I love beer, two because Wales used not to have great breweries… I am so pleased good brewing is alive and thriving in Wales. The name bluestone may ring a bell with some people because of the bluestones at Stonehenge, huge megaliths which were somehow transported from quarries in Wales in prehistoric times… what engineers those so-called primitive people were!


    1. Lois

      I think there were personal problems which resulted in financial problems… such a shame…
      I see to have accidentally deleted one of your comments about witless being your favourite word… obviously that’s me, witless!


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