And the latest from the Dolphin…

Sunday night is a quiet night in the Dolphin, but we go down to meet a couple of friends. As usual the topics range far and wide…

  • did Middlesex and Yorkshire connive to deny Somerset winning some sort of cricket tournament?
  • the price of holiday insurance
  • what’s happening to the other pub in the village, the Ship, which suddenly closed
  • how wonderful Turkey is, its food, its mosques, the city, as a tourist destination – and other places to go in Turkey such as Ephesus
  • the state of the beer
  • Tim’s new bicycle
  • Southwick (where our daughter lives) and how nice it is
  • dancing and whether we are any good at it… and how we wish we could jive
  • Barnstaple
  • whether we get shorter as we get older (apparently we do but we want to forget about that)
  • music in schools… these days the kids learn the ukulele, in our day it was the recorder
  • getting picked for teams when we were at school
  • other people in the pub (local gossip)
  • the Food Festival in Weston, and the dairy festival which was a traditional seasonal event revived for the first time earlier this summer, and whether the summer event in Hutton (a nearby village) was a food festival or not…
  • … how big Hutton is
  • The Great British Bake-Off (obviously!!)
  • what we watch on TV – Bake-Off, Strictly, cricket…
  • the state of the beer (again)
  • rugby
  • our forthcoming holidays and the tours and arrangements
  • Turkey and what we remember about visiting, those of us who have visited
  • locals
  • the amount we drink… actually not that much compared to how much we talk about it and how much we used to drink, and the soft drinks we now consume instead
  • beer… and a bottled beer we had and enjoyed, Wadsworth’s Swordfish
  • whisky… particularity blends and how good they are these days
  • school sport
  • the antlers which have been stuck up behind the bar and which now threaten to poke the barman in the eye every time he gets the card machine or a glass of wine
  • … and so much more!!

Typical night at the pub really…

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