Still unpicking, not knitting

Actually, I’m not knitting at all… I’m using this to explain that I’m still unravelling some stories I need to work on before I actually begin to properly write. I’ve just published my latest e-book, ‘Lucky Portbraddon’ which I’ve been editing since January; there is a certain amount of creativity in editing, but it’s not the same as writing something fresh. At fist because it was so boring, all the checking, cutting out, rewriting, I began to write a new novel, provisionally entitled ‘Earthquake’, but I got to a stage where I just had to focus on ‘Lucky’. So ‘Earthquake’ needs finishing – I’m about three-quarters of the way through the first draft… but now I’m free to do it, I realise that it is really muddled – three complex story lines, and I need to have it ordered before I can finish it… so effectively, I’m back editing again. I am also going to publish a short book called ‘So You Want To Write’, and that is in its final stages, but it is still passively editing and rearranging…

It soon will be the beginning of October… one month until November and November is the National Novel Writing Month – an on-line challenge to write 50,000 words of a new book… I have done it for the past two years, and it has been really great – and I would like to do it again this year… so I have to sort out my muddles before I do if I want a chance of success. Because the challenge is to write a new novel, I can’t just carry on with what i have started.

So to go back to my knitting, I feel as if I have the jumble of a half-knitted item, which needs to be a little unpicked and reknitted before I take up my needles and ball of wool and crack on with it. I was never a knitter really, although I can knit. I have  a sad memory of knitting a whole jumper for someone I cared about greatly… sadly the jumper was not appreciated, and nor was I! My mum was more of a needle-worker than a knitter, but she did knit, and so did my dad. In the days before we had TV, in the winter evening when it was too dark for him to do his normal activities, rowing, golf, gardening, fishing, in the evenings he would make things – marcasite jewellery, for example, and knitting!

As a child I liked helping wind the wool from skeins into balls, and we would do what we called French knitting,  a cotton reel with four little pins nailed in, and making a long snake of knitting… I would make yards and yards of it but I don’t remember it ever being made into anything else.

… so back to the unpicking and reknitting, then I’ll take up my needles properly and get going on the next books!

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