All over again

So excited! On Friday I received something through the post… the new album by the Mavericks! The Mavericks are a band I have followed for many years, and not only have they brought me music, they have brought me many friends, much travel, much fun and excitement!

They have history, of course they do, and personal heartbreak as things have not worked out well in the past, but now they are united as ‘a very fortunate band of brothers’ as they describe themselves.

This new album contains sixteen fabulous live recordings of some of the best of their music – only ‘some of’ because they have an enormous catalogue of truly fabulous music, much written by Raul Malo. As well as Raul, the band consists of Paul Deakin, Eddie Perez, Jerry Dale McFadden, and a consistent team who appear on this album of Michael Guerra, Max Abrams, Matt Cappy and Ed Friedland.

If you haven’t yet got any Mavericks music, a whole world of joy, delight and excitement awaits you… if you have some of their albums, get the rest, and if you have the rest, get this one too!

PS. One of the most exciting things is what is written bottom right of the cover… “Volume 1” … a definite signal of more to come!


  1. All Night Long
  2. All Over Again
  3. Stories We Could Tell
  4. What You Do to Me
  5. Fall Apart
  6. Do You Want Me To
  7. Back in Your Arms Again
  8. As Long as There’s Lovin’ Tonight
  9. Pardon Me
  10. Summertime
  11. Every Little Thing About You
  12. I Said I Love You
  13. Harvest Moon
  14. Dance in the Moonlight
  15. Come Unto Me
  16. Waiting for the World to End

Here is a link to an in-depth review:


    1. Lois

      Lucky, lucky you! Over here in the UK we are a bit bereft – they are coming to London next year but I can’t go 😥 They are also coming to Europe but too expensive for me… oh well, I’ll just have to keep playing the music and dreaming!


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