The latest from the Dolphin…

So it’s Sunday night, and as usual we tootle along to the Dolphin and are pleased to meet our friends Tim and Trevor…and as usual we talk about all sorts of things…

  • …  Sarah Guppy patented a design for piling foundations in 1811 which was crucial for the iconic bridge across the Avon Gorge; however, instead Mrs Guppy gave the plans to Brunel for free because she believed women must “not be boastful”. She was born Sarah Beach in Birmingham in 1770 and lived in Bristol after she married Samuel Guppy, of a Bristol sugar company
  • the newest restaurant in town, Bistrot Pierre
  • Tim’s holiday in St Ives
  • fireworks night and how we used to celebrate it, buying fireworks from the local shop and sort of playing with them – arranging them and deciding which should be lit first etc… I can remember the smell of the gunpowder right now!
  • how we didn’t celebrate Halloween – apart from making little lanterns from a hollowed out orange, or a torch in a paper bag
  • Bangladesh’s win over England in the cricket
  • Andy Murray’s voice
  • cats, especially our neighbours cat, the legend who is Smirnoff
  • betting shops
  • house prices – and the price of the houses we used to live in
  • pub food
  • pubs
  • bad knees, and how tripping over a jacket on the back of a chair isn’t helpful
  • the smoking lady who walks up and down our road in beautiful boots who we think works at the hospice – she is smoking a cigarette, she isn’t on fire or anything
  • the cost of having building work done
  • Cornwall
  • the price of beer
  • food in pubs
  • garage break-ins
  • etc… etc…

As usual we had a thoroughly pleasant evening!


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