… and it all went well!

It was a special birthday for my husband yesterday, but for various reasons we had his party on Saturday. For his actual birthday we had a lazy start to the day and then went for a late lunch with friends at a nice café/restaurant in Clevedon.

We had dithered over what to do to celebrate – it’s so near Christmas and places are expensive to hire at this time of year; also, if we were going to invite friends and family from far away, December isn’t necessarily a good time to travel and there are so many other parties and celebrations… In the end we decided to have a small party at home and this is what we did!

We had a menu which would have been the sort of thing he ate as a child – shepherd’s pie, chicken curry and macaroni cheese, followed by dried fruit salad (in port!) bread and butter pudding, a rather disastrous rice pudding (got abandoned in the oven and over-cooked but it did taste lovely!) and cheese and biscuits.

I must confess I did get a little anxious before hand – we have a rather laid back approach to being tidy and so I made a massive effort to clear things away and make the rooms nice with the help of darling daughter (who did a lot of justified grumbling about the number of cobwebs she found!) Birthday boy went out to buy some Guinness and quickly we put up balloons and birthday banners and scattered foil confetti otherwise known as foiletti everywhere!

We were delighted that so many friends arrived to celebrate with us, very kind and generous friends I have to add! The rooms were full of the noise of people chatting and laughing and enjoying themselves, and I think they had as good time as we did.

Thank you dear friends, we had a wonderful and memorable celebration, and no doubt next time you visit there will still be traces of foiletti on all the surfaces!

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