Stuff… more stuff…

Having a party means tidying up, moving stuff – extra chairs in, other furniture out, clearing the decks and making space for an extra thirty or so people to eat, drink, chat, move around, sit, stand, wander… One of the additional benefits of this – apart from making the house welcoming, is that it’s yet another way of sorting stuff and getting rid of no longer needed things.

My husband and I got together quite late in our lives when we each had a household full of furniture and possessions; we had two children who acquired their own things (they have both moved out but lots of their stuff remains here), and both our parents died so we inherited another two households of more furniture and possessions. Added to the fact that I am always reluctant to throw anything away (it might be useful, it’s hardly worn/used etc) and that my husband has interests which involve items – art, drumming, golf, music, and also we are both book addicts, has led to a house with more than the usual amount of STUFF…

Last January, I resolved to get rid of one item a day, especially items I’d had for a long time and was fond of but no longer used, wore or actually even looked at – and I will report back on that at the end of December; however, coming up to the party was an opportunity to get rid of things as we went through the rooms. So a big bag of clothes and another of household goods and a crate of books and CDs went to the charity shop, old videos went into the bin (not even charity shops want them any more)

My daughter came home and helped us and she was just stunned at the amount of stuff we still had – as a child she hadn’t noticed, but as a grown up young person coming home after living away, she could look at it objectively… So party was at the weekend, and today’s task… to finish clearing up, putting away and moving things, and also yet another sifting through things to keep and things to get rid of…

Oh… and we decided we hadn’t enough glasses and bought thirty-six more… anyone need any brand new glasses?


  1. David Lewis

    Cleaning up and sorting things out brings back so many memories, some sad, some not so sad. It reminds me of the passing of time and the inevitable end to come. I’d rather leave things put and let someone else ponder why I kept them.

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