The Midnight Hour

It was quiz night tonight at the Dolphin, and one of the question was about Wilson Pickett, and I dredged up from my school days memories the answer… “In the Midnight Hour”; Wilson not only performed it but he wrote it, and the question in the quiz mentioned that it was written at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. I remember it playing at discos in the 70’s, but I knew nothing about it our Wilson Pickett.

It seems that the song was originally performed by him in 1965 from his 1965 album of the same name. He composed it with Steve Cropper at the historic Lorraine Motel in Memphis – historic because that is where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated three years later, in April 1968. Wilson was born in 1941, in Prattville, Alabama,the fourth of eleven children, and suffered terribly from his abusive mother before leaving home to live with his father in Detroit. He found fame but had a troubled life, serving time in prison, although he released many hit records, and thirty albums. He died in 2006 aged only sixty-four.

So, here it is… In The Midnight Hour…

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