Unforgotten 2

In 2015 the first series of ‘Unforgotten’ was broadcast; it’s a police procedural with a great cast of Nicola Walker and Sanjeeev Bhaskar as the main investigating officers, and what I described as a stellar cast when I wrote about it before –  Bernard Hill, Trevor Eve, Tom Courtney, Frances Tomelty, Hannah Gordon, Clare Goose, Peter Egan, Cherie Lunghi, Gemma Jones… and others! It was a stunning series, with the solution to the various threads of puzzle kept until the last minute, but all being quite believable.

Now, series 2 has arrived… well, it arrived on TV while I was away in Tasmania, but the DVD arrived at the beginning of the week and I began to watch it last night.

When you have enjoyed something enormously, there is always the little thought that the second time won’t be as a great – the sequel to a book, a return visit to a wonderful restaurant, a film starring a favourite actor. I have avoided reading anything about Unforgotten 2, although a friend has assured me it is excellent, better than the first series!

So far, we have a body found in a crate in a canal, a person who went missing decades ago, a couple who are hoping to adopt a child, a birthday party where two sisters fall out, a teacher going for an interview… and several other prospective story lines, some of which might be red herrings! I am gripped, although a little confused, thinking back there are a couple of scenarios and I can’t quite work out who the people were – maybe I should watch it again before going on to episode 2 – but can I delay finding out what happens next? I think I might just watch episode 2 and if I can’t work it out, then go back!

The acting is superb, I am intrigued, puzzled, and very relieved that it is as good as the first series.  One of the great qualities is its pace… slow but not too slow, measured, giving enough time to each scene but not being boring or drawn out. Yes, i will watch episode 2, I can’t wait!

Here is a link to what I wrote about series 1:



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