Mysterious Ethelind

Ethelind Fearon was born 18th December 1898 and lived in Thaxted, Essex…. or was she and did she? She was one of many great food and recipe writers of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s, and published many books, wittily and charmingly written, including the one I have,’Jams, Jellies and Preserves’, published in 1953.  You can tell the sort of writer she was, look at some of her titles: Me and Mr. Mountjoy, Flower Growing For Ungardeners, The Reluctant Hostess, Home-Made Sweets, Candies and Fudge – How to Make Them, Fancy Cakes and Pastries… and several children’s books about animals, The Secret of the Chateau, The Sheep-dog Adventure and Pluckrose’s Horse.

I can’t find any substantial biographical information about her; I have come across a birth date on her death certificate (1974), 18th December, 1898, but I can’t find anyone of her name being born then, so maybe Fearon was her married name. There are little snippets of information in articles – she was passionate about gardening and was gardener to H.G Wells at one time, and also ran a tea house – what I suppose now we would call a tea room. She also apparently restored fourteenth-century houses. She had children and wrote a book, How To Keep Pace With Your Daughter, one edition of which (I don’t know if it was the first) was published in 1958. 

She sounds such an interesting character, with so many passions, and who kept company with so many other ‘characters’, I’m surprised there is no biography about her. If anyone does write one, I’ll be there, buying a copy as soon as it appears!


  1. Brian BISHOP

    I have five of her books and I started with Without my yacht which is really good about that period after the war when she lived in Cannes. She was clearly an interesting person and very knowledgeable on many subjects. Have you been able to find out anymore about her since 2017. Brian Bishop.


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