Potato peelers

There seems to be a tool for every conceivable kitchen task these days; I have to be very strict with myself when I am anywhere near the household department of a big shop, or a cookery shop, or a hardware shop which has a few racks of interesting things… Last year when I was trying to get rid of one item a day – given away, recycled to a charity shop, or even thrown in the bin, I had a great clear out of my kitchen drawers and cupboards. When would I need a melon baller? Why had I even bought a cherry-stoner? I bought egg poaching pods and never once used them, we have a poaching pan, why do we need  pods? There were many more items which I don’t even remember… I confess I did keep a few, for example a little press for making pirozhki (I’ve never used it, am I ever going to make pirozhki? Maybe I should today)

When I first started peeling potatoes, and other vegetables, I used a small sharp knife, and for preference I still would today. However when I visit friends and help by peeling the spuds, I’m given a whole variety of different peelers… some have a short concave blunt blade with a slot in it, some are a variation on that but with a wobbly, hinged blade suspended like a slack bowstring, some  are catapult shaped but with a blade instead of elastic… and I usually revert to a small knife having lost the battle with the friend’s favourite implement.

I looked on the Lakeland website, twenty-three peelers, including:

  • potato peeler
  • potato straight peeler
  • swivel vegetable & potato peeler
  • fruit & vegetable potato peeler
  • palm peeler (to hold in your palm, nothing to do with palm fruits!)
  • vegetable peeler
  • julienne vegetable peeler
  • corn stripper
  • garlic peeler
  • fruit peeler
  • orange peelers
  • multi peel julienne
  • 4-in-1 y-shaped peeler
  • ceramic peeler
  • sharpener and peeler
  • straight peeler

I love Joseph Joseph kitchen ware, and ‘in the interests of research’ just had a little peep,

  • Rotary Peeler – 3-in-1 vegetable peeler, green/pink
  • Multi-peel – Multi-function peelers, green/yellow/orange
  • The Peeling Perfectionist – 3-piece peeling gift set, multicolour
  • Scroll – Silicone garlic peeler, green/ grey/ red
  • The Foodie – 4-piece gadget and utensil gift set, multicolour

I know we’re trying to downsize, I know we are trying to get rid of unwanted unused items, and I know a small sharp knife is my preferred utensil, but…



Delicious pirozhki!


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