Hello cousin!

I’m very interested in genealogy – not just the dates and places, but trying to find out the stories of the people who were in my family before me. Like many others, I have so many stories my parents and grandparents and I want to be able to find out if there is some element of truth in them.

For example my dad always said we had ancestors who came from Scandinavia, they came into Norfolk, into King’s Lynn and were either pirates or pilots… was this just one of dad’s stories or is there some truth? he also said we had Romany ancestry… again, true or just a story he had heard from one of his relatives?

There seemed to be a way I might be able to find some answers, and I had my DNA tested. I was amazed to find I had a great big percentage of Scandinavian! I was also surprised to find a significant Irish element – maybe it’s not so strange I love Ireland! There were other interesting aspects to, nothing which said definitively ‘Romany’ but some things which suggested where we might have got our dark hair and dark eyes from!

I had my DNA tested through Ancestry.com, and one of the advantages of that is you are told confidentially of other people who have had it done who show a possible connection. I came across someone who might be a fourth cousin – who might share the same great-great-grandparents as me… and good grief! They do! I wrote to them, and they replied, and lo and behold, their great-grandfather was my great-grandmother’s bother! So hello cousin!!

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