Soap, lovely soap… I really like ‘proper’ soap, a bar of soap not the liquid goo in containers – although that is useful too, especially in kitchens and when there’s just a small hand basin in small bathrooms… but a bar of soap, what could be nicer? I keep my new scented soap in my clothes drawers so it has a double purpose!

When I was little I remember keeping the odds and ends of left over soap (no liquid soap then) because there was supposedly some method you could do use to reconstitute the scraps into a new bar of soap – I never found what the method was and the scraps  were all thrown away!

I love receiving soap as a gift, and I also often give it – I’m not sure if all the recipients feel as I do about it, I hope they do! Earlier this year we were in Tasmania, and had the most wonderful time, and of course we bought gifts for friends and family. One of the many interesting places we visited was the Tench – the Hobart Penitentiary – which gave a fascinating glimpse into prison life – and death, in the nineteenth and twentieth century:

There was a small but very good gift shop, which smelt just lovely. I bought a few gifts and then followed the lovely scent to a basket of soaps… the ideal gift for my friends! I must have bought a dozen blocks of the most beautifully perfumed soap, Blue Rocks Soap which I saw was made on Flinders Island which I thought would make it unusual and interesting as well for a gift

As well as the scents you might expect, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, there were other intriguing ingredients eucalyptus, for example – everywhere we went in Tasmania we were overawed by the towering, elegant eucalypts! – lavender, seaweed and leatherwood – we had absolutely loved leatherwood honey, a local speciality – Flinders Island Black Soap – how exotic it sounds!

I bought a whole selection of Blue Rock Soaps for my friends, one each of the generous big blocks; for the rest of the holiday, my clothes were perfumed from the soap in my suitcase. When I got home I shared out my gifts and then found I had one left over… well, lucky me! I actually didn’t know how lucky; this is the nicest soap I’ve ever used, even though there is only a sliver left, it still smells as beautiful. It is so creamy and lathery and soft, I’m sure it is good for my skin!

Unfortunately, I think I might only be able to get some more by revisiting Tasmania… oh what a hardship (not!) that would be… I’m saving already!

If you do visit or live in Australia look out for Blue Rock Soaps, or follow this link for how to get some!


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