The dusk…

I don’t watch a lot of TV, police procedurals and a few cookery shows just about sums up my viewing! I like films (and books) which have a mystery at their heart, a puzzle, so detective or investigative fiction and TV series are just my thing; when we first began to see what has come to be known as Scandi-noir over her, I was absolutely hooked.

The first one I saw was The Killing, Forbrydelsen and I remember the first episode of the first series very clearly; it had been well-advertised but I thought that despite it sounding the sort of series I might like, at twenty episodes it was just too long, I couldn’t commit that amount of time to one story. On the night it was first shown I was doing some ironing, and stood, iron in hand, flicking through the channels; I tuned in just in time for the very opening sequence of The Killing… and hour later I was still standing, iron in hand, no ironing done, absolutely hooked!

I’ve watched other things since, the magnificent Bron/Broen/The Bridge, Wallander, Borgen (not exactly crime, but very dark in places)Trapped, Unit One… and more. I’m very excited because The Bridge and Trapped are filming new series!

While looking through TV series on BBC iplayer, to see what else I could watch, late at night when I’ve finished writing, I came across Hinterland/Y Gwyll what has been described as Welsh noir.  It didn’t take more than a few minutes into the first episode to become hooked on that too! it has all the characteristics of the Scandi tv I like, great acting, great filming, subtle use of light and sound, intriguing stories (each episode is a complete story although there is a common and continuing thread of mystery running through.

Y Gwill, the Welsh title is from what I understand a very evocative title meaning dusk or gloom or twilight; Hinterland actually means  ‘remote areas of land, away from the coast or the banks of major rivers’ and figuratively ‘lying beyond what is visible or known’. Hinterland is the English-language version of a Welsh police drama,originally broadcast on S4C in Welsh. It is filmed in Welsh, then filmed exactly the same in English – even in the English version some scenes are in Welsh with subtitles.

The main character is Detective Chief Inspector Tom Mathias and the actor playing this part is Richard Harrington; the other characters who feature throughout the three series are  Detective Inspector Mared Rhys played by Mali Harries,  Alex Harries as Detective Constable Lloyd Elis, Hannah Daniel as Detective Sergeant Siân Owen and Aneirin Hughes who is the enigmatic and dangerous Chief Superintendent Brian Prosser.

I watched the first two series retrospectively, now the third series is being broadcast on the BBC and here is a link:

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