Hot puddings

I wish I liked puddings and desserts, but really I don’t. I wish I liked them because I like traditional cooking – and what I mean by that is looking back to food which was cooked from fresh ingredients, often home-grown, from recipes handed down from previous generations and much-loved because of that.

Hot puddings, I believe, are going to fall away altogether as an everyday part of the main meal; when I was at home as a child, when I was at school with school dinners, there was always pudding… and generally it was hot, usually served with custard or a sweet sauce. There were fruit pies and tarts and turnovers, and custard filled pastries and crumbles and flans, boiled puddings, roly-poly puddings, rag puddings, but I guess the most British is ‘the pudding’ usually a baked sponge. Pudding… aka pud, dessert, afters, sweet…

I was just looking through one of my old cookery books, ‘Modern Practical Cookery’, published in 1934, and there are fifty-two pages of ‘hot puddings’, followed by another thirty-eight pages of pastry (although this does include cheese pastries, egg pie, lobster patties, picnic pies and sausage rolls)

  • 3 almond puddings
  • 24 apple puddings
  • 2 apricot puddings
  • arrowroot pudding
  • 4 banana puddings
  • currant pudding
  • 2 blackcurrant puddings
  • Brazil nut pudding
  • 4 bread/bread and butter puddings
  • 2 caramel puddings
  • carrot pudding
  • cherry pudding
  • chestnut pudding
  • 9  chocolate puddings
  • 3 Christmas puddings
  • 2 cinnamon puddings
  • 5 coconut pudings
  • 3 custard puddings
  • 2 damson puddings
  • 3 date puddings
  • 2 fig puddings
  • 6 ginger puddings
  • 4 golden syrup/treacle puddings
  • 2 gooseberry puddings
  • honey pudding
  • 2 jam puddings
  • 6 lemon puddings
  • loganberry pudding
  • 7 marmalade puddings
  • milk pudding
  • 3 omelettes
  • 4 orange puddings
  • peach pudding
  • pear pudding
  • 3 pineapple puddings
  • plum pudding
  • prune pudding
  • 2 raisin puddings
  • 2 raspberry puddings
  • 2 rhubarb puddings
  • 7 rice puddings
  • 2 sago puddings
  • semolina pudding
  • soda pudding
  • 4 soufflés
  • spaghetti pudding
  • sponge pudding
  • 2 strawberry puddings
  • suet pudding
  • syllabub
  • tapioca pudding
  • 2 vanilla puddings
  • 14 sauces for puddings

As well as all of these – about a hundred and fifty I reckon, there were a whole lot of named puddings… but that surely is for another time!

This is just an ordinary household cookery book, from over eighty years ago, and it’s offering ordinary people hundreds of recipes just for desserts!!

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