Getting to grips

Like most people in the western world I weigh too much; I don’t exercise enough, I know, and I’m trying to change that in little ways, as I posted yesterday. I have tried all the usual ways to exercise more including the ill-fated but very common experience – of joining a gym. Maybe it was the wrong gym, but I found it difficult to continue going to a place where music blared at me, the walls were full of TV screens showing daytime TV or music videos, it was often crowded, some of the other customers/patrons/members weren’t very considerate and left equipment in a rather unpleasing condition… sweaty and sticky… no, not conducive… and also I found it sooooo boring. So I”m trying to exercise more at home – and I do, every day, keeping a log book… and although it’s done nothing for my weight (yet) it must be doing something for my fitness!!

So weight… I don’t like sweet things, I don’t particularly like crisps and those sort of snacks, I never have fried food, I love salads and vegetables, we cook our own meals, we don’t often eat out, I do like a glass of wine or a beer, but we don’t drink beer at home and only go to the pub a couple of nights a week, and I only occasionally have wine at home. I guess I just eat too much of all the healthy things I eat… also as you get older it is much harder to lose weight!  I lose a few pounds, we go away for a weekend or are invited out to dinner or there’s a celebration – not very often, maybe every five or weeks, but after such a concerted effort to lose a few pounds, bam!! it all goes back on and then it’s another monumental struggle to lose it again!

So our reading group has formed a dieting club – we did think about calling it something to do with our reading activities, maybe The Slimmer Volumes? But no, tell it like it is, we are The Fat Club, with aspirations to be the Slim Club! We’re doing our own thing so I’m not into the type of slimming where food has points, or are different colours, or have ‘sins’… calorie counting seems the sensible way to go for me because you know how much fuel you’re putting in! I want to have a balanced and manageable diet, with things I like so I will enjoy what I’m eating even if I’m eating less of it.

Crispbreads vary greatly in calories – but also in how satisfying they are; sometimes I would prefer to eat just one I like, than two I don’t, even if the calories are the same… I was just looking at the different calories in things you could spread on a crispbread –

For 25g of a product:

  • butter – 184
  • crunchy peanut butter – 148
  • smooth peanut butter – 155
  • mayonnaise – 180
  • reduced fat mayonnaise – 80
  • cottage cheese – 24
  • reduced cottage cheese – 17
  • cream cheese – 110
  • Marmite – 25 (I could eat 25g of Marmite easily, but most people couldn’t/wouldn’t!)

That’s just on weight – and some makes of a product would vary too… but if you’re thinking of spreadability, some things spread much more easily and thinly than others – easy to spread a few grams of mayo, difficult to do the same with peanut butter (or peanut nutter as my husband calls it!)

OK… we’re off for a walk!


      1. simonjkyte

        but whose idea was all the tv screens? there’s actually a private one where i live which is not too bad – but i have never used it. probably should do. walk by the river would probably be as good though

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  1. David Lewis

    Counting calories is a saps game. Counting carbohydrates is the way to go. I was given 180 a day and lost 50 lbs in six months and didn’t feel deprived. The lovely ladies at the YMCA do dancersize every day and have great fun and are in great shape. Fun and friendship is the great motivation and taking the full length mirror out of the closet is the reward.

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    1. Lois

      I don’t have that many carbs so difficult to reduce! I’m afraid dancersize and exercise classes just aren’t for me – do you where a tutu in your class?


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