Book club social

For various reasons book club decided not to have a specific book ‘on the menu’ for August, but to have a summer ‘social’ where we just meet and chat. A fine plan, even though the weather is anything but summery! Unfortunately, our host was poorly so I offered to have the meeting here at our house.

Our book club meetings are always jolly affairs, drinks of all sorts, wine, sparkling water, tea, are on offer, and little snacks such as nuts, crisps, biscuits etc. Sometimes we have a nice surprise – recently we arrived and there were Somerset strawberries on the table, another time Pimms was on offer! It’s very much up to the host!

So I got ready, I already had a small selection wine, soft drinks, Pimms, beer…   and I looked in the cupboard to see what nibbles I could offer. Crisps, nuts, savoury biscuits, so all was well. We were going shopping anyway, and I picked up some nice fresh  peppers, spring onions, cucumber, carrots to make vegetable sticks, and I looked around for some hummus… for some reason there was none on the shelf, so I grabbed a tin of chickpeas to make my own. (NB it’s always wise to remember to check that the lids of things are well screwed on before you start to shake them vigorously – I ended up with tahini in a beautiful spray across the kitchen, the floor, cupboards and even inside drawers>)

All was ready and I suddenly had a thought – Pimms – got, lemonade – got, strawberries, cucumber, mint – got, ice-cubes… I needed to make some ice-cubes. You may have read my posts from last year when I was making a real effort to declutter; going through the kitchen drawers I had been ruthless so when I’d come across ice-cube trays and ice-cube freezer bags I’d thought to myself ‘we don’t like chilled drinks, we never make ice-cubes, clutter – chuck them out’ – which is what I did.

The village shop was shut – what to do? Think! lateral thinking! Be imaginative… bun tins… I have a bun tin to make tiny buns, I can line it and fill it with water and freeze! Great idea! Bun tin found, lined, watered, freezered, and I awaited my guests.

Everyone arrives and it’s lovely to see them and once seated I take orders for drinks, tow g&t’s and a sparkling water! I take my innovative ice-cube tray out of the freezer and the whole thing has frozen solid, the tin foil I’d used to line had stuck to the tin and the ice ‘cubes’ had stuck to the tin foil. Eventually after much effort, and peeling each ice-cube of its tin foil shell, I managed to have six sort of respectable looking mini bergs which I offered my guests.

We had a lovely evening and talked of all sorts of things, including books, and at last as it approached midnight, the last two finished their drinks…

“Oh… oh… what’s this in my glass… oh it’s little bits of tin foil…”


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