Well, she looked vaguely familiar…

I’m sharing an extract from my latest e-book, the most recent tale of Thomas Radwinter. I started writing about Thomas several years ago, and as with all my books it was intended to be a stand alone novel. However, as a genealogical mystery, dealing with Thomas’s investigation into his paternal family, it seemed unbalanced – where was the maternal side? For the first time, I wrote a sequel ans then to my surprise there followed another story  which finished off the story of Thomas’s family.

This was not the end… Thomas had to uncovered the story of more recent family history, the story of the people who brought him up. All was revealed… except it wasn’t… From a single novel there has followed four more stories, and ‘Earthquake’ is the most recent.

Here is an extract from ‘Earthquake’. Thomas is waiting in a shopping centre for his wife:

I’ll always be grateful to this shopping centre; I have many happy memories attached to it of my early friendship with Kylie, and the first time I ever met Kenneil when he got lost in a Christmas crowd. I found him looking up at the big Christmas tree, eyes wide with wonder…
I smiled to myself at the memory as I stood with the twins waiting for Kylie and Cassie.
“Hello, Thomas.”
I glanced round and a short dumpy woman was addressing me; she looked familiar but I couldn’t place her. Was she someone I’d been to school with? Or someone I’d worked for when I was at the solicitors? I replied politely, asking how she was… whoever she was.
“I’m fine… and you?” she looked down at the twins who, bless them, were snoring their little socks off… not literally, they weren’t snoring at all and their little feet were snuggly inside their Babygro’s… which Geoff calls grow-bags which always makes him chuckle…
“Um… yes, yes… all well…” good grief, who was she, I was really struggling here… dark hair, pale face, glasses…
Luckily Kylie was striding towards me, Cassie on her hip waving a shoe at me. She would know who this woman was, Kylie I mean, not Cassie.
“Oh, here’s Kylie,” I said, greatly relieved I can tell you.
“Is that Kylie?” asked the woman in real surprise, as if she hadn’t recognized her
She was obviously someone from BK, Before Kylie, but she also obviously knew her. I’d only just said ‘yes’ when the woman said goodbye and hurried – well more than hurried, dashed off towards the lifts to the carpark. We always park in the cheaper outside carpark in an area destined to be a multi-plex or something. One of my favourite pubs, The Orange Tree is there and if we didn’t have the children I might have treated my wife to lunch today.
“What did she want?” Kylie asked, rather fiercely and snappishly I thought.
“She was saying hello… do you know her?”
Kylie looked at me as if I was mad or joking as Cassie stretched out, shouting ‘Shoe! Shoe! New shoe!’ absolutely perfectly… she’ll be chatting away soon and then I guess our ears will fall off because Kenneil doesn’t stop nattering either!
“Do I know her? Are you serious, Thomas?”
I took Cassie and admired her new shoes, no doubt bought at bargain price – Kylie is a wizard for saving money and getting bargains.
“Well, she looked vaguely familiar…”
I really though Kylie’s eyes were going to pop out of her head, and then she began to laugh at my perplexion… is there such a word?
“You really don’t know who you were talking to?” she asked between shrieks of hilarity. “You didn’t recognize her?”
“Well, no… she said hello, I said hello back, she asked how I was and I said ok and she said she was ok, then she asked if you were you… well, obviously you are, but she seemed surprised to see you…”
“It was Rebecca!”
“Rebecca who?” Do I know any Rebeccas? There was a girl in my class at school…
“Your ex…”
“My ex what?”
She had to walk away for a moment to recover herself, she was in such hysterics… people were looking, but they were smiling… Kylie came back to me, still giggling… and told me to my great shock and surprise, that the dumpy woman was my ex-wife, Rebecca, my ex-wife!!
Good grief!!! Good grief that it was her and double good grief that I didn’t recognize her… We were married for nearly ten years and had been together before that… I can’t believe that I didn’t recognize her, good grief!!

If you want to know more about why Rebecca decided to stop to chat to Thomas, and what she asked him to do for her, then here is a link to my e-book ‘Earthquake – you will also find out how Thomas solved the  mystery of who killed an eleven year-old girl nearly ninety years ago and what happened to Viv the very annoying verger:


… and here is a link to the series:



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