Dear Driving Dunderheads

Dear Driving Dunderheads,

I’m guessing you are very kind, considerate people, probably lovely and thoughtful. However, you really need to understand the way mini-roundabouts work on the roads – yes, I know they are a ridiculous way to manage traffic at what had been a T-junction, but the same principles apply to them as apply to big roundabouts. It’s very simple, you give way to traffic from the right and you have precedence over traffic waiting on your left. So if you arrive at a min-roundabout at the same time as a person on your left, then don’t politely wait for them – you will just confuse them because they are waiting for you to properly enter the mini roundabout (‘entering a roundabout‘ is how our satnav Hilda describes it) The rule applies even if you can see the whites of the eyes of the driver on your left… I grant you, a real difficulty arises if three drivers from the three different directions all arrive at the same time – even worse if the junction used to be a crossroads with four drivers all gazing across the mini-roundabout at each other.

A similar difficulty arises, dear dunderheaded courteous driver, at the bottom of hills; as someone going up the hill, you have precedence over someone coming down the hill, so if it narrows for some reason – possibly a carelessly parked car, you can forge straight ahead uphill, and wave at the other polite and correct driver waiting for you at the top.

With both these situations, the mini-roundabout and the narrowed uphill carriageway, the ‘you go first, no, you go first, no I insist you go first’, just causes tailbacks in all directions. However, dear dunderheads, I applaud your courtesy, but just wish you would read the highway code – in both cases it is your right of way and you are not being rude by not taking it!

Thank you.


  1. David Lewis

    It was just another Austin A35. But the the girl that was driving it seemed to make it come alive. It became quirky and cute and happy and free.Just like it’s owner. I think you’d agree.When the light turned green she was off with a roar. Will I see her again? The girl I adore. One day while out driving in my mirrors I see. An Austin A35 a following me……………… to be continued

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  2. matt

    At the risk of allowing you to claim: “found the American”… I really have no idea how you were able to write this without cursing. Courtesy is non-existent here until it all comes due at once at a 4-way stop, and everyone wants to let everyone else go first.

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      1. matt

        Indeed it is.

        We have what we call roundabouts here (that are nothing like what you in the UK have), and I’m a fan… in concept. They are entirely too challenging for most people here, though.

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