You’ve finished your amazing first draft… and…

Here is an article I wrote for my other blog about editing what you have written:

There is a wonderful amount of advice out there for writers these days, no more scribbling away in a lonely garret – now, with a click of the mouse you have thew whole world in your room. Lulu is a publishing on demand site which allows people to self-publish their work if they have been unsuccessful in attracting or finding an agent or publishing house to support them. Even if you don’t take advantage of their services, Lulu has an amazing selection of articles offering advice on all aspects of writing.

I came across one, ‘5 Tips for Editing Your Manuscript’, and I will give you the link below, because it offers some really sound, basic advice, which is not daunting or off-putting but do-able. There is a suggestion of an exercise to be undertaken first, which is valuable:

  1. write down the plot(s)
  2. identify the purpose of each scene

Having done that, take a gallop through the 5 tips, (which add up to seven, if you include ‘pre-editing‘ and ‘final thoughts‘ ) :

  1. trim the fat
  2. read aloud
  3. spelling & grammar
  4. think like an editor
  5. befriend your characters

They seem so obvious, don’t they when you look at them like that and over the next few weeks, we will discuss each of these with maybe some personal examples… Of course, when I said ‘take a gallop through the 5 tips’ I didn’t literally mean that!!

Here is the link:

…and if you would like to have a look at my other blog which I write with two others, it is The Moving Dragon Writes and can be found here:

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..and  here is Lulu:

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