Who is she? NaNo day 2

I can’t believe that already I’m on day 3 of the National Novel Writing Month challenge – writing a ridiculous number of words in the month of November! yes, I do know that it really is day 3 in actual fact, but I’m trying to keep track here of what I have achieved (if anything), what I need to focus on and think about and where I need to go next.

Day 1 started with me abandoning my original idea and starting something completely new which I only had a few random ideas about. This is the gist of it so far:

A mystery woman with an undisclosed past has got a tiny flat in a small seaside town (my imaginary Easthope) it’s told from her point of view at the moment and I hope the reader (well, if it gets that far) will be wondering ‘why is she here?’, ‘why is she living in such a tiny place?’, ‘what’s she running away/hiding from’?, ‘is she escaping an unhappy relationship?’ etc, and then the reasons are gradually revealed. The woman is doing a lot of writing which is shared with the reader, and it’s about her past, but she talks about ‘the city’ rather than naming it, and ‘the river’ etc so even in her writing she is circumspect…

On day 1 she didn’t have a name – that’s how new the whole idea is! Day 2 and I knew her name was going to begin with a B or an M… and in the end it is M – Milla. I am a little behind – not quite making the 1667 per day = 3,334 words in two days – I am up to 3,152, so not too far off target, especially so early on in the challenge when I haven’t got into my stride yet.

Today which is Day 3 I am going to write some of her writing, which I think will be a memoir of when she was a student in the anonymous city…

PS My featured image is of what I knew as the College of Commerce, aka Colcom, aka the College of Knowledge, Manchester Polytechnic. This may give yo a clue about what city Milla is thinking about!

Here is a link to the first book I wrote as a result of NaNo:


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