More thoughts on January

I don’t know why people hate January… I guess I’m prejudiced to like it because it’s my birthday month. Maybe people feel a bit of a let-down after the excitement and fun of Christmas and then celebrating New Year – however, for some, new year is a reflective time, of looking back over maybe not such happy things and events.

January always seems exciting to me – the beginning of a new year when no-one knows what lies ahead, and although the days began to get shorter over a week ago, it always seems as if we are beginning to head out of winter! Well, it does to me. Janus the god after whom the month was named, looks forwards and backwards, and I feel as if the backward glance was at midnight when we change from one year to the next, and the forwards is now.

So what am I looking forward to this year – meaning nice things I hope to happen? My birthday, obviously, but in February the Mavericks are coming back to the UK, and there is also the first ever Weston-super-Mare Literary Festival, in March we will be meeting friends in Portsmouth, maybe we will meet up with the family in April, we hope to go to the Netherlands in May, we would like to go to Turkey some time if we can we would also like to go to Truro in Cornwall! I hope to  bring out the next Radwinter book, and also to publish some more paperbacks. My writing friends and I hope to publish another anthology, and maybe another collection of writing too.

I hope this year I might be better organised, less distracted, more focused! I hope I might concentrate on one thing at once before moving on to the next! I will do my best… but who knows!


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