A -Y of great writing

I can’t remember when I first met Kinsey Millhone but it was some time in the 1980’s. I really liked Kinsey from the first time I met her – in many ways she was the sort of person i wished I could be, independent, feisty, funny, clever, quick on the uptake, with eccentric but true friends and a very determined nature. She only had a few clothes which she would wear in different ways, and she cut her own hair with a pair of nail scissors. She lived in a small – well, not an apartment, not a loft, more of a space really, but it was cosy and characterful and hers. Her ‘landlord’ was an eighty-six year old gent, Henry, who was a baker and despite his years lively and full of life and fun. She didn’t do much cooking but mostly ate at a restaurant run by a very grumpy Hungarian woman, Rosa. Kinsey did have various loves and boyfriends, but she always remained her own woman.

Sadly, after many adventures, Kinsey passed away a few days ago… Kinsey in actual fact was the creation of a writer called Sue Grafton. Kinsey was a private detective who undertook all sorts of different commissions which led her into danger and presented her with many very mystifying puzzles. Sue Grafton was born in 1940 and her first Kinsey novel was ‘A for Alibi‘ in 1982, and progressed through “B” Is for Burglar” and “C” Is for Corpse” to “Y” Is for Yesterday” published last year – 2017. Sue died four days ago, 28th December 2017 at the age of seventy-seven.

If you haven’t met Kinsey then I really recommend you do – you’ll have twenty-five opportunities to get to know her!

Here is a link to Sue’s site:


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