Empty head

I’m not bad at suggesting ideas for other people to write about,, and when I sit down here I nearly always have something to say and only occasionally cast around to think of a topic, so you would think I’d be quite good at writing a particular piece for a writing group… and usually I am… a week tomorrow I’m meeting up with friends in a group and I thought I would get ahead of myself and write something ready, so it won’t be me scribbling madly next Thursday night. For some reason though, my brain seems empty of ideas.

Perhaps I should look at what I suggest to others who lack inspiration…


Where do stories come from? Here are some ideas:

  •  a dream or day-dream
  • an observation of people in the street, on a bus, in a shop, on the beach, walking by a river…
  • people you don’t know but see arguing, kissing, ignoring each other, looking at each other, fighting, smiling secretively
  • an incident you observed or witnessed
  • a scrap of conversation you overheard
  • the lyric of a song
  • an experience you had
  • a strange coincidence
  • a traditional story, myth or legend which suggests a modern re-telling
  • another story you read, saw on TV or as a film, which suggests a situation, series of events, characters which you can rework to make your own
  • the ‘what happened next’ of another story
  • a ‘what if…’ moment
  • unexplained inspiration
  • a found photo… who are those people? how are they related, why are they there? what is the occasion? what are they really thinking? who is taking the photo?
  • something you pretended happened to you
  • something you would have liked to happen to you
  • a news item
  • a picture in a gallery, museum, on a wall in a waiting room, in a newspaper or magazine
  • a film or a TV programme
  • a song
  • music
  • a mystery or puzzle
  • famous people, singers, actors, sports or TV personalities…
  • your own family or friends

So there are plenty there… Maybe if we go to the pub as usual tomorrow night, I’ll notice someone who intrigues me and that will set my mind working… Maybe that’s a good idea!

The ideas above come from my little book So You want To Write, here’s a link:



    1. Lois

      It really is! A friend just shared a photo from a holiday we had in Greece many many years ago, and i remember sitting out on the pavement with a nice drink just watching the world drift by… magic!


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