A favourite with children.

Do we try and be too complicated with our cooking and expect too much? I have a cupboard full of herbs, condiments and spices, I’ve bottles of different chilli and other sauces, and a whole variety of fruit and vegetables, fresh, frozen and tinned.

This simple pudding (or puddling as I accidentally wrote) – suet pastry, dried fruits, sugar and apples, is no doubt tasty and warming on a chilly day, and in the days when people couldn’t afford to be fussy ‘like it or lump it’ being the favourite motto, I imagine it was eaten with great relish – and plenty of ‘sweet custard sauce’.


  1. make some good suet crust
  2. roll this out as for a roly-poly pudding
  3. spread over the surface a mixture made of apples, pared, cored, and finely minced; picked and washed currants, and a little moist sugar
  4. sprinkle finely chopped suet on the top
  5. roll the pudding up, fasten the ends securely, put it in a floured cloth
  6. boil for about two hours;
  7. serve with sweet custard sauce

This pudding is a favourite with children.

The recipes which came before this included a fish pudding… not sure that would have been eaten with quite the same gusto!

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