O Spring, where art thou?

What a very cold April it has been, as far as I can remember there has only been one warm day, and I have had to dry so many clothes inside on airers because it’s just not stopped raining. The lawns have gone berserk but they can’t be mown because the grass is just too wet. The central hating has been on – even during the day on a couple of very chilly occasions. O Spring, where art thou?

I was looking back at what I wrote last year; on the 19th of April almost exactly a year ago I was commenting on how lovely the bluebells had been… today I noticed only the palest shimmer of blue as the poor benighted things began to think about maybe showing their faces, thrashed about by a biting wind.

This is what I wrote last year:

April so far has been a lovely month, and although there is still a chill in the air, it’s lovely to walk round with bare arms and bare legs and in sandals and shorts. In our little village, the bluebell field is more glorious than ever, I can’t remember seeing it so blue, so very blue, with just a dappling of cowslips and late primroses.

It’s poetry month, so more from John Clare’s Shepherd’s Calendar:

The seasons beautys all are thine
That visit with the year
Beautys that poets think divine
And all delight to hear
Thy latter days a pleasure brings
That gladden every heart
Pleasures that come like lovley things
But like to shades depart

Thy opend leaves and ripend buds
The cuckoo makes his choice
And shepherds in thy greening woods
First hears the cheering voice
And to thy ripend blooming bowers
The nightingale belongs
And singing to thy parting hours
Keeps night awake with songs

With thee the swallow dares to come
And primes his sutty wings
And urgd to seek their yearly home
Thy suns the Martin brings
And lovley month be leisure mine
Thy yearly mate to be
Tho may day scenes may brighter shine
Their birth belongs to thee

Yes… shorts and sandals… I’m still wearing my big winter coat and boots!My featured image is from April two years ago – note the masses of bluebells and sunshine!


    1. Lois

      We actually have some sunshine this morning! Hurrah! We’re heading for Liverpool in a couple of weeks so hope we catch some good weather up your way when we’re there!


  1. David Lewis

    We’ve just had two feet of snow here and it looks that we can write off spring and go directly to summer. A lot of Finns commit suicide when this sort of thing happens and our natives get the blues.I just get some extra beer and dig out my winter shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

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