Where is my mojo?

For some reason writing this Radwinter story has been more of a struggle than usual. I had plenty of ideas, the main story-lines were a bit fuzzy but they were there, some new characters have arrived as the story has progressed, but that’s fine, but for some reason this has been much more of a slog than usual. It’s made me ponder on what has changed and whether it’s me and my writing ability…

I’m going to quiz myself and see if I can get to the bottom of why it has been such a struggle:

Lois: have you gone off writing?

Lois: No, definitely not! I love it as much as ever, and I’m doing lots of it – writing my blog here, writing for my writing groups, writing for the groups I teach… no I’m still passionate about writing!

Lois: do you think you haven’t been focused enough on one thing – i.e. this latest Radwinter story, Saltpans?

Lois: … yes, I guess that’s true, but I just seem to have so many different ideas – the 73 blog challenge for example!

Lois: the 73 blog challenge?

Lois: yes – on my other blog –

Lois: You have another blog?

Lois: yes I do , the Moving Dragons – one of the other writers on it set a challenge to attempt to write one each of a list of 73 different blog subjects – I’m onto number 30, and we’re going to collate them into a book – watch this space!

Lois: this is a prime example of you being distracted from your novel. So what other distractions have you put in your way? I believe that once again you took up another challenge, the National Novel Writing Month challenge?

Lois: Yes, I confess I did… well, you see I’ve done it or the last four years I felt obliged to do it for a fifth year.

Lois: so you wrote 50,000 words in November which were nothing to do with your Radwinter story?

Lois: yes, I confess I did… and to be honest it was a big disruption to the ‘flow’ and it did set me back… I’ll try not to do it again… I promise… well, what I mean is, I won’t try to write a new novel and do NaNoWriMo at the same time – unless the two are the same!

Lois: so any other thoughts  on why you might have faltered? Any personal problems?

Lois: no, all is lovely in my life! For various reasons both our children are living at home for the time being, which is great!

Lois: Aha! So instead of there just being two of you in the house, him downstairs painting and drawing and you upstairs writing, there are two others! And since you say it is great your children are at home, is that because you socialise with them?

Lois; Yes! We’re so lucky! We get on so well together, really enjoy each other’s company! So we go out together and go on little trips and visit places, we’re really busy with them when they’re not at work!

Lois: I see, well that is jolly nice… and cooking, shopping, cleaning washing etc? I’m guessing you do more of that too?

Lois: hahaha! Yes, the ironing pile has certainly grown!

Lois: I’m beginning to see why you’ve not been so focused on your own writing… have there been any other times you’ve been away from your ‘work’? Holidays?

Lois: After our big holiday to Tasmania last year we haven’t had a holiday as such… although I did have a week taken up when the Mavericks came over in February! I went to see them in Bristol, then to Birmingham, then to Manchester – that was a busy time because right after that came the Literary Festival, Weston’s first! I ran two workshops for that…

Lois: lots of preparation?

Lois: Oh yes, notes, handouts, a couple of PowerPoints, … I also went to the press day and the launch party, and attended a talk by Damien Boyd! And funnily enough, that was also the week that I gave a talk on writing family stories to the local Family History Society!

Lois: I think I begin to see why things went awry with writing this book…

Lois… maybe, but I think I have my mojo back! it’s nearly finished and then I can get my teeth into editing…

Lois:⊕ξℜ⇑℘ ¥♣ ¶⊗⇒ ∀θφ….

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