Just keep writing

When you’re at work, paid work, there are all sorts of reasons why you keep doing a job, even if its boring, dispiriting or seemingly endless. The bottom line is money, but there might be other aspects, a feeling of loyalty or commitment to whoever is paying you, ditto and often more to your colleagues, a gritty determination to see ‘it through, a sense of duty, habit… and many other things too.

Work at home – looking after children, doing the housework, feeding self and family, keeping control of the garden, being a good neighbour has – apart from the money – a list of reasons why we do it similar to the paragraph above.

However there are many things we undertake to do which fall outside both of the examples, but may also have similar reasons to keep doing them, even when it’s a struggle… and I guess writing is, for me, one of them.

The bottom line isn’t money (self-published people don’t really do it for that because there isn’t much financial reward!) I guess I have a determination to finish my stories , and make them the best I can – but unlike 9-5 jobs, writing has to be squeezed into everyday life which, at the moment is very busy! I definitely have a sense of loyalty to people who read and buy my books, and who are looking forward to reading the next one; because of this I am trying to make this (and every other) story well-written, interesting, funny, gripping,  descriptive, puzzling, engaging and much more,. I’m trying to polish my words, smooth out the creases, buff up the dull parts, cut out the flannel etc.

I set a possible date of publication, which passed, and another, ditto, and now I’m just hoping to make an exciting announcement before too long. I won’t rush it through and say it ‘will do’, I won’t compromise the quality (such as it is) I won’t skip the important checking, editing, re-checking, re-editing, reading aloud, reading again and so on.

I have other things I want to write, my 1950’s story, my family history writing guide, an anthology with my writing group… so much I want to move on to but I can’t and won’t until this story is done!

Meanwhile, here’s a link to my other books, just in case you haven’t read all of them! Comments and reviews much appreciated!


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