The Peas

I had a wonderful couple of days in Coventry (well, I always do!) and saw a lot of interesting parts of the lovely city; some places I had been before and was revisiting because I like them so much, other places were new to me… but I will write more of my adventures another time.

The main purpose of my visit was to meet up with friends, which I did; these are friends I have known for a long time and met through my love of music – and The Mavericks in particular, and music was my second reason to visit. A band was playing in a very interesting old pub., a band my friend has followed for a while – so friends, music, pub, a perfect reason to come to Coventry!

The pub is the Old Windmill in Spon Lane; it’s the oldest pub in the city,  It is said to date from 1451, and even if you aren’t a pub person it is definitely worth a visit! Here is a little more about it:

I was drinking a Fuller’s beer, Seafarers – for every pint sold there is a donation to a charity called Seafarers… good enough reason to drink it, I thought! Also it is a mighty fine beer, just to my taste, nice and hoppy ‘Seafarers is brewed with a blend of finest-quality English malt, famous Gales yeast and the aptly named Admiral hop.’... and to find out more:

So friends, pub, beer… and music. If you get the chance to see a band called The Peas then you owe it to yourself to do so! There are two members of the band and they are just sensational! As it says on their Facebook page;

Kelly and Kelvin are ‘The Peas’….. a duo, no rules, the wrong chords but the right melody……and Kazoo’s....

They are so versatile and interpret songs in such an original way, even songs you might groan at with any other band are given a complete makeover. They interact with the audience and I can tell you there was full and frank participation from the audience too! Everyone was singing along, even if they (I) didn’t know the words. There was a bit of chat from Kelvin between the numbers but didn’t waffle on as sometimes happens with other band – it was all about the music!

You can find them here:

and here they are:

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