Appetites in July often need tempting

There’s a section towards the end of Modern Practical Cookery, author unknown, which has suggestions of a menu for each month. I mentioned yesterday that on the menu for July – trying to tempt those appetites because ‘summer days are not conducive to eating’,  salmon mayonnaise, roast lamb with buttered peas and carrots and new potatoes, followed by gooseberry pie and cream, and for the savoury, tomato toast.

The recipe for the salmon gives instructions for cooking 2 lbs of fish and unlike some older recipes it is only lightly cooked and not boiled to death! ‘Cook it very gently’ the recipe say and for only fifteen or so minutes. Once cook it should be carefully skinned, boned, and broken into even shaped chunks.

There follows a recipe for home-made mayonnaise, made with tarragon vinegar which sounds a very nice accompaniment for the fish. It should be served on a bed of lettuce and endive, and garnished with slices of hard-boiled eggs and capers.

I think that sounds like a lovely summer lunch – if only my family liked salmon and salad!

It would be rather nice with trout instead of salmon… especially if it was a brown not rainbow trout!

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