Tonight is quiz night

We wandered down to the pub quiz as usual, a little early because it is so popular we can’t always get seats. We were able to get our preferred position – as you come in the door of The Dolph, we like to go into the bar on your left. On quiz nights, Tim and chums are in the corner then there are usually empty seats where we sit with our friends the ice-creams, and beyond us any casual quizzers. Going in that same door are our other friends and when we went in tonight we greeted them before taking our preferred places.

At first there were only three of us, and having had a good old chat to Tas and his chums at the bar, we sat down ready to quiz! Unusually, Mark the landlord and quiz-master hadn’t arrived; no matter, we all had a good old chat, and I met a very nice Australian lady visiting from Adelaide. We were also someway distracted by a party of diners next to us who’d had a very nice meal and were sitting enjoying a coffee with several large dogs and small dogs at their feet.

Mark arrived, to much applause, and the quiz started. Well, it was a stinker, and we did really badly, but on the other and, so did everyone else! Round two, and another stinker… and guess what? We did really badly! This didn’t matter one jot! ¬ we were here to have a nice time, and nice time we had! This is the great thing about quiz night at the Dolphin; winning or losing really doesn’t matter! We are here to enjoy ourselves and have a pleasant time with pleasant people and indeed we did!

Here’s to next time when our friend from the North, Isabel will join us… maybe with her help we will win!

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