Alone and in the foggy darkness, alone but alive…

Here’s an extract from my book ‘Loving Judah‘. The story is complete fiction, but the idea of it was based on a real person and real events; the outline is that a well-respected and admired person did something so base and despicable that his world collapses and he is rejected by all his former friends and family and is despised by everyone who used to think so much of him. In my story, the main character Bavol betrays people he loves  and he feels responsible for the death of his closest friend. As a result, riven by guilt and bereaved, he has a complete breakdown and leaves his home town, eventually ending up in a state of confusion hundreds of miles away. He meets a woman, Aislin, who is in a similar state of shock and loss – her beloved step-son, Judah, has also died, far away in Kashmir. She and her husband take Bavol in, and he stays for a while as he and Aislin work through their grief. She drives him back to his home town and stays in a hotel their for a couple of nights. She goes out for an evening walk and is unexpectedly attacked and bundled into the back of a car and driven up onto the moors to a remote and isolated caravan where someone who was involved in the death of Bavol’s friends wants to meet her. Thankfully, Aislin comes to no harm, but her abductors take her, not back to the hotel, but to a hillside where they leave her.

Aislin was taken out into the damp night. A swirling mist had come down and even though she was no longer swathed in the disgusting blanket she could see nothing. She was consigned to the boot this time. Where were they taking her? To a disposal point up on the moors? Aislin thought again of ‘Lorna Doone‘, of Carver Doone sinking helplessly into the black bog.
The boot lid was slammed and she lay on a stinking, greasy mat and tried not to give way to either screams or tears. The car bumped slowly down until it came to a road. They drove steadily, the noise of the music pounding from speakers above her head. Aislin would never be able to hear that type of music again without a sick shiver of utter terror. Any conscious thoughts she had were of Bavol, she was faint with fear of what was to come. This was worse than any nightmare she had ever had. After an immeasurable amount of time they turned off the smooth road and began bumping uphill again.
Suddenly the car stopped. This is it, this is it, they’re going to kill me now, one way or another.
The boot was wrenched open and one of the boys helped her out.
“Tis a good thing Kim likes you,” he said casually and slammed the lid. “Bye!” he called and went round and got in the car. It slowly moved away and Aislin was left alone and in the foggy darkness. Alone but alive.

Aislin sank to her knees. in slow motion she went forward onto all fours and then lower so her head was resting on her hands. After a long while when her knees were numb and her jeans were soaked she slowly got up. She searched for her phone but she hadn’t got it. She was beyond feeling despair, she was exhausted.
Should she go up the track in the direction the car had gone or back down towards the road? She turned and headed downhill, limping with only one foot booted. The mist had cleared and there was a cold and melancholy moon lighting her path down the hill. Occasionally she trod on a sharp stone, sometimes she banged her toes, she ignored the pain and moved in a trance, fuelled by fear. The only sound was the occasional trickle of water but there were scurrying noises in the heather. She was utterly alone. She lurched on, tripping, stumbling and falling twice, once painfully onto her knees, once sideways so she rolled over.
She came to the road. Which way? The path she had come down was a farm track, there was no sign, nothing to tell her which way to go. There was a faint glow towards the right. Dawn? But surely she hadn’t been out all night. It must be the lights from the town. The tarmac was smooth beneath her foot as she strode out, trying to be brave and strong. Don’t think, don’t think about what might have happened. You’re o.k., o.k.,

© Lois Elsden 2018

If you want to find out what Bavol did which caused him to flee his home, family and freinds, and what happened between Aislin and her husband, if yo want to know why Aislin was kidnapped and what happened next, then here is a link to my book, ‘Loving Judah’:


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