Mini Hobphin

For the last several years there has been a fantastic weekend music festival, Hobphin at our pub, The Dolphin. The ‘-phin’ is from the Dolphin, the ‘Hob-‘ is from Tony Hobden the guy who organises it. It’s free, and the artists play for nothing, the pub charges nothing for it (well done Dolphin) but there are collections, raffles and other ways to raise money for the various charities Tony supports, including over the years the Charlie Derrick Music Foundation, and the Shiva Charity – both connected with music.

It’s always been an amazing event, usually over the whole weekend. There’s a stage in the car-park, a smaller gigging area, acoustic sets inside the pub, and it’s always fantastic, and great fun. There are food vans and often a BBQ, in the afternoons there’s face-painting and events for children, and the whole village rocks! We are a less than five-minute walk from the pub, and on festival nights, I’ll be working here and we can hear the music flooding in through our open windows. We usually wander down, and always have a great time, usually meeting unexpected friends.

This year for various reasons it was a mini-phin. I was working in my room at home, and suddenly my ears were filled with the great sound of folk-rock fiddlers and the wonderful free-ranging music of some unseen artists. I had forgotten the fest was on, so immediately summoned the troops and we wandered down.

It was a great atmosphere, and all sorts of people were there enjoying the acts. We were just enjoying ourselves and as well as our beer, we were given free chocolate buns – home-made and yummy – not often you get that in the pub!

Hobphin 2014:



    1. Lois

      Oh is it!!! Yes, you’re probably right… I know hob/hobgoblin are naughty creatures… I must look it up… also do you know Judith Kerr who wrote ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ was married to Nigel Kneale who created Quatermass, and they are the parents of Matthew Kneale who wrote ‘The English Passengers’?


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