I’ve come for my boy…

I’m sharing another extract from my second Radwinter book, Magick. The name is nothing to do with magic or the occult or witches or wizards, it’s simply the family name of Thomas’s maternal line. Having explored the Radwinter history in the first book of the series, in this second part Thomas is investigating the Magick family.

However, this excerpt is about his own little family and an unexpected visitor. Thomas lives with his partner Kylie and her little son Kenneil; he receives an urgent message to come home NOW!

The Thomas who walked in the door was the steely Thomas, the bully-punching Thomas, the grey-eyed Thomas. I stepped into the small hall and there was silence; no little man shouting for me and rushing for a hug and a kiss, no Kylie calling out to me… I felt sick and without a word pushed open the door of the back room.
Kylie was sitting at the table, her hands clasped before her. Her eyes seemed huge in her face and her mouth was pressed into a thin line as if to stop her lips trembling.
What had happened, where was Kenneil?
She said nothing but her eyes moved and I followed her gaze. A man was sitting on the little settee, staring at me in disdain. Without Kylie saying anything I knew this was Kenneil’s father. He was sitting down, but he looked big, he looked strong.
He said something to Kylie, speaking very quickly in a low voice and with a strong accent. She didn’t reply.
“My name is Thomas,” I said.
“I come for my boy,” he gave me such a disrespectful look that rage boiled inside me. “Where my boy, man?”
I glanced at Kylie, she was shaking and her face was so pale that the little bronze star-shaped freckles showed clearly across her nose.
“I think I’d like you to leave now, man,” I was calm and cool.
“I want my boy, I leave with my boy,” and he stood up.
He was taller than me, I was right. The hair on the top of his head was plaited and the sides were shaven; he was trying to intimidate me but I stood and stared at him. What I would do if he hit me I had no idea, and I had a sudden vision of furniture breaking and blood flying…
“He’s not here,” Kylie’s voice sounded strong. “I told you, he’s not here.”
“I really think you ought to leave now,” I repeated.
He stepped towards me, standing so close I had to look up to meet his eyes. I could smell aniseedy alcohol on him overlaying the cloying smell of weed.
“You gonna make me, man?” he was very drunk, and he was swaying.
“I don’t want to, but I’ll make you leave if I need to,” and I moved my head forward slightly.
“I want my boy,” he repeated and he put his hand on my shoulder but actually it was to keep himself upright.
I stepped to one side and held open the door; sweat was trickling down my back. To my amazement he lurched through and I followed him closely, closing the door behind me.
I don’t know what I intended to say or even do. He couldn’t open the front door, couldn’t work the catch so I had to squeeze past and open it.
“I’ll be back, man, I want my boy.”
I shut the door firmly on him and leant against it. I was shaking so badly the chain jangled.

© Lois Elsden

If you want to find out what happens, and also the secrets of the Magick family, and various other adventures Thomas has on the way, here is a link:



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