Unforgotten… The last episode tonight…

In 2014 I began to watch a series – a new police procedural starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, two favourite actors – I won’t say that was the main reason i watched it because i do like that genre anyway, but once I saw they were in it I was even more determined to follow it. ‘Unforgotten’, written by Chris Lang, had a stellar cast to support the two leads which then made me wonder if it would be spoiled by having so many ‘stars’…

  • Tom Courtenay
  • Trevor Eve
  • Bernard Hill
  • Ruth Sheen
  • Gemma Jones
  • Cherie Lunghi
  • Hannah Gordon
  • Brian Bovell
  • Frances Tomelty
  • Claire Goose
  • Tamzin Malleson
  • Tessa Peake-Jones
  • David Troughton

See what I mean? Within a few minutes of watching I was totally hooked – every aspect of the drama was fantastic, writing, acting, story-line, pace, music, characters… It was superb. What also struck me was how good the minor characters were – the actors playing them I mean!

How pleased I was when there was a second series in 2017, but then a little worry creeps in… can it possibly be as good as Series 1? Surely it can’t, surely it can’t be that good on all counts… another great cast, including Douglas Hodge, Nigel Lindsay, Holly Aird and Wendy Craig and yes it was gripping, cunning, clever, realistic, with a thread of personal details about the investigation team, but nothing which distracted from the plot.

Tonight is the last episode in Series 3.. and honestly, I have no clue who the guilty party might be… it might even be one of the characters who has died! Once again there is a tremendous and convoluted but understandable plot, with many different threads of story. The private lives of the police officers do sometimes impact on the plot – just as in real life it might – if you have difficulties at home, sometimes it’s almost impossible to switch off at work and not bring those worries with you.

Something which struck me very forcibly this time is how much a dreadful event like a terrible crime impacts on all those involved in it – even those who are totally innocent can be touched by questions they are asked, things they have to reveal, their lives affected and maybe broken by something which in fact is nothing to do with them.

Here is some of the cast:

  • James Fleet
  • Alex Jennings
  • Kevin McNally
  • Neil Morrissey
  • Amanda Root
  • Siobhan Redmond

Only a couple of hours now until all will be revealed!!

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