A scattered shower

It was glorious for those six weeks of dawn to dusk sun and warm nights… it was glorious because washing was almost dry before I’d finished pegging it all on the line, and in the heat dried so it barely needed ironing. Summer isn’t over, it’s still warm but also we’re not seeing so much sun… and we’re having the occasional scattered shower. Gardens and lawn are appreciating the rain, and I guess the wild animals and insects are too.

However, I didn’t appreciate the unexpected shower that arrived this morning. I was just putting my washing out and – what? Is that a rain drop I feel? Was it just the one? No, it wasn’t just the one. Should I hope it passes quickly and unpeg the lines of damp clothes? Should I leave them since it’s not properly raining, only drizzling?

I took them in… and what now? I look out of the window and the scattered shower has moved on to scatter itself elsewhere and we have sun in the garden…

I’ll put the washing out again…

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