Stuck in traffic, going to be late, don’t panic…

This afternoon was the local U3A open day – well, open afternoon… The U3A, University of the third age is an organisation for people who no longer work and are thus in their third age – child/school, work, at leisure. People who have a skill or knowledge of something share it with others – teaching a language, leading an art group, hosting a book group, taking village walks, teaching about architecture/astronomy/ /geology – and so much more. In fact there are nearly eighty different subjects, and over a hundred different groups, languages, crafts, sciences, language, art and arts… and then unusual things like dowsing, groovi parchment (I don’t know either!) and Rummikub.

So as leader of two groups I was due to be there at one o’clock, in a church hall, behind a table with a friend who leads another writing group, along with all the other group leaders. We welcomed in all and sundry, hoping to recruit some new people to U3A.

My daughter wanted to go down to Taunton for a few bits and pieces, so we set off early, plenty of time to get there, do or chores and get back in time for the open day.

  • drove to Taunton, parked did our little deeds
  • back to car, drove out of the town and as we approached the motorway we saw a fire-engine on the bridge and the traffic slowed
  • this means a hold-up
  • we decided not to go on the motorway but go home the country way
  • turned back, turned onto country road, the A-road which would take us home
  • came to a standstill as we got to another motorway junction and drivers were pouring off to avoid the jam
  • decided to deviate onto the minor roads
  • got lost in a new housing estate where all the streets and all the houses look the same
  • got back onto the A-road, nose-to-tail
  • approached Bridgwater, got in the wrong lane and had to deviate
  • in fact found a short cut and joined the A-road again on the other side of the town
  • rang husband to say we would be late and meet him at the hall, messaged friend who leads the other writing group
  • stuck in more traffic
  • stuck behind very slow leaner driver
  • by-passed Burnham, empty road to Weston
  • into Weston, just heading for the hall, phone call from husband
  • the meeting starts at 2:15 – not 1:00!!!

I’m so glad I didn’t gt cross and anxious as things went wrong but remained calm and resigned… in the end all was well and we weren’t late… and we each got two new members of our U3A groups!

My featured image is of lovely Bridgwater

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