There must be a word for that half cup of tea…

I love words… not surprising since I’m a writer, but lots of writers just use words and don’t seem to have a particular interest in them. I like to know where they came from, how they changed, and new words which I’ve never come across before. I recently shared some unusual words I’d found and pondered on how I might use them in my writing. Then there are words in other languages for which there is no single word translation – the most recent seem to have been hygge from the Danes, but there is also kanso from Japan which is something I strive for but feel I’m doomed never to be able to achieve – keeping things simple and achieving clarity by eliminating clutter and omitting the non-essential… If only! There’s a Norwegian word peiskos which means that lovely cosy fireside feeling, when you’re by a real proper fire and it’s crackling and spluttering away… perfect!

I have a definition in need of a word – I don’t know if such a single word exists for this situation/feeling – or if i’s anything which happens or occurs with anyone else.

  • You have made that perfect cup of tea (or coffee, but more usually tea) it is your preferred tea, of the perfect strength, the right amount of milk, it’s the perfect temperature and you have begun to drink it.
  • you are really enjoying it but something happens and you are called away – it could be that you misread the time and are nearly late, it might be a call for someone who needs some help, it might be someone has missed their bus/train and needs a lift, it might be a hundred things but you are called away before you finish that perfect cuppa.
  • as you depart and go further and further away from that cup or mug, your hand feels empty, you can almost see your drink still steaming, just waiting for you to take the next sip, you feel an almost yearning loneliness and sense of loss over that tea… (or coffee…)
  • having a cup when you arrive at wherever you have been called to doesn’t work, it’s not that perfect tea you abandoned. Returning home and heating your drink in the microwave just isn’t the same
  • you cannot recapture that perfect brew, in your favourite cup at the perfect strength and temperature
  • you feel lost, almost bereaved (I’m being flippant of course!)

Now is the a word for that? Is there a word in any tea drinking culture for the sense of loss at having to leave a half drunk cup f tea? I would really like to know!


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