It’s that time of year…

It’s that time of year when writers around the world are getting messages from NaNoWriMo – the national Novel Writing Month competition – it’s a competition where the only prize is achieving the target set of writing 50,000 (yes fifty thousand) new words of a novel. Actually, these days it’s a little less narrow, and other forms of writing are allowed but the target is the same… 50,000 words…

This will be my sixth year of taking up the challenge; every year so fa I have managed to complete, but to be honest, with varying feelings of real satisfaction. Here are my previous attempts:

2013 Radwinter – (genealogical mystery)
2014 Raddy and Syl – (genealogical mystery): Thomas has traced his paternal ancestors to 1830’s war-torn Europe; he has followed his maternal line and found murder and betrayal. Now he needs to look closer to home, to discover the truth about the people who brought him up, Edward and Sylvia Radwinter, Raddy and Syl, in order to find out who he really is
2015 Earthquake – (mystery): A stalker stalked… maybe…
2016 And the River – (mainstream): This is a meander, not sure where it is going or what will be seen, from it or in it… This began as a story of my life and that of my family, told through the rivers I have been connected with… as with real rivers, it went its own way and covered a lot of ground… and it hasn’t yet reached its end!
2017 Milla – (mainstream): A woman with no history moves to a tiny bedsit in the seaside town of Easthope

I am thinking this year of setting off on a new Radwinter story, and I want the word ‘winter in the title, but it’s surprising how many books already use that one word…

I thought about Dead of Winter – there were more than five Amazon pages of books called that, or The Dead of Winter, or Dead Winter etc.

I thought about Winterfall – but there are games called that, and also it doesn’t really work for various reasons

I started playing about with a dictionary and came across Winterdale, Winterdyke. winterfall, winterfell, winterfold, Wintermere, wintermark, wintermyst, winterwood – I have joined the words but some of them could be separate… There are some great titles, but not all would be right for the idea I have…

However, I am beginning to favour Winterdyke… however, no doubt as I begin to write my story, things will change, including the title. This is what I have written on the Nano novel page a short proposed synopsis of the beginning:

Thomas Radwinter’s wife and older children are abroad, the younger ones on holiday with friends, his brothers’ busy lives are hectic, and Thomas accepts a commission to do an in-depth genealogical investigation. In order to have access to the archives he needs, he accepts an invitation to stay with the elderly couple who have commissioned him to do the work.

If you haven’t ready my Radwinter stories which I mentioned above then here is a link to them – (And the River  and Milla haven’t been completed… yet!!)



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